What’s the best way to manage a construction project with multiple contractors? Consider the case of the semiconductor industry. Typically, a chip manufacturer who wants to build a factory hires a lead contractor. In turn, the lead contractor hires a subcontractor to provide environmental health and safety (EHS) services on the job site.

Traditionally, they’ve done it this way because it’s built right into the contract. It’s easy to make the lead contractor responsible for managing the entire project, including safety. In order to create a risk management program with a safety culture that reduces risks, contains costs, and minimizes downtime, it makes more sense for the owner to maintain control of safety.

Smart business leaders don’t abdicate their responsibility for safety, no matter how it’s traditionally done. That’s because they understand the potential financial consequences. If a construction project is delayed because of a safety incident, the cost of idle equipment such as cranes and scaffolding can be considerable. Safety incidents also increase workers’ compensation rates and can lead to costly third-party lawsuits.

The best way to manage a construction project with multiple contractors is to take a proactive approach. Don’t wait for an incident or a near-miss. Instead, make safety management an executive-level function. Hire your own safety experts who will design and implement programs, policies, and procedures that identify your specific risks and mitigate them. The owner then mandates the contractors to follow the overall site safety plan.

“Outsource the expertise – not the responsibility.” – Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management, LLC 

Then, don’t settle for consulting alone. Combine proven safety expertise with today’s technology. The right solution puts the information that everyone needs right at their fingertips. With the power of cloud computing, workers can use their smartphones, tablets, and other digital devices to access instructions that can prevent injuries and protect your bottom line.

“Implement the safety management system with today’s technology.” – Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management, LLC

EHS Risk Management can build a program like this for you. The EHS Portal provides a real-time process for managing and implementing your company’s policies and procedures. The EHS Risk Manager is a business value proposition that reduces costs and supports your company’s performance. Our safety experts can build your entire program, but you can also use your own personnel to implement it. 

To learn more, email Jim Testo at jimt@ehs-riskmanagement.com.

James M. Testo, President | EHS Risk Management, LLC

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