Cost-effective site safety leverages the knowledge of experienced safety professionals and the efficiency of today’s technology. By investing in smart safety management systems, business leaders can both reduce costs and avoid costs by better managing risk. The solution isn’t a single person or a piece of software, however. Instead, cost-effective site safety is a continuous process that involves workers, supervisors, and managers.

“Taking a proactive approach to safety is a smart investment in risk management and cost avoidance.” – Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management

Safety professionals, or domain experts, bring more expertise to a job site than a typical site safety person can provide. Yet, existing personnel still have an important role to play. By visiting a job site just a few days a week, a safety professional can build and monitor a site safety plan that the site supervisor then implements with workers. Businesses don’t have to hire an additional full-time employee to create the plan but can still get the expertise they need, and while using employees who are already on the payroll.       

Today’s technology also has an important role to play. With a smart safety management system, everyone has real-time access to the same information, and it’s literally at their fingertips. Whether it’s with a  smartphone, a tablet, or a desktop computer, employees can retrieve on-line forms and easily submit information. They can also refer to plans, processes and procedures and be sure that they are accessing the latest information. Clearer documentation and communication like this also helps to control costs. Training is easier, too, because employees can learn at their own pace and from anywhere.

Business leaders who leverage the knowledge of experience safety professionals and the efficiency of today’s technology can both reduce costs and avoid costs. EHS Risk Management, LLC  can help.  

The EHS Risk Manager is a business value proposition that reduces costs and supports your company’s performance. The EHS Portal provides a real-time process for managing your company’s policies and procedures. To learn more, email Jim Testo at

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