EHS Risk Management, LLC has released the EHS Risk Manager app, the ultimate tool for workplace safety. This downloadable app extends the power of the EHS Portal, a cloud-based solution that puts an organization’s safety program right at employees’ fingertips. The app is available for iOS and Android  mobile  devices and includes additional features when you login with a passphrase. EHS Risk Management showcased the technology at the New York State Innovation Summit in Saratoga Springs, New York last week.

Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management president, was joined in the company’s tradeshow booth by Josh Fallin of ReadyKey, the technology partner for the EHS Risk Manager app. ReadyKey specializes in cutting-edge EHS mobile software and is a subsidiary of Guidebook, Inc., which has developed apps that have been downloaded more than 14 million times. Earlier this year, EHS Risk Management and ReadyKey formed a strategic partnership to mobilize safety management systems.   

Together, EHS Risk Management and ReadyKey developed the EHS Risk Manager app to help customers get the right safety information, to the right people, anytime. In addition to safety policies and procedures, employees can access safety forms and checklists, training resources, emergency information, and real-time safety alerts. The user-friendly interface also supports incident reporting and response.

“The EHS Risk Manager app lets employers get site-specific information about hazards to their workers,” Testo explains. “That’s our differentiator. Most EHS software is generic, but our app is an operational tool that is specific to an organization’s program, policies, and procedures. It also helps create a strong safety culture, which is critical for reducing risks.”

Many organizations have safety programs in place, but they fail to implement them in a way that makes information readily available and that changes how people think about safety. A strong safety culture demonstrates the value an employer places on workplace safety and the extent to which both managers and employers take responsibility. EHS Risk Management combines EHS expertise with today’s technology so that smart leaders can manage risks, reduce injuries, avoid fatalities, and control costs.

EHS Risk Management, LLC will continue to share its growing capabilities and demonstrate the EHS Risk Manager app at the SESHA Mini-Conference in Albany, New York on November 2 and 3, 2023. Whether you’re able to join us at this upcoming event or not, we invite you to download the app via the Apple App Store or Google Play. Then, for additional app features, contact EHS Risk Management and request the special passphrase.

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