EHS Risk Management provides regulatory litigation support that helps you to protect your business.

We understand the regulatory environment and regulators’ agenda. Let us put our experience and professional services to work for you.

Regulation Litigation Support: Driving Business Value

Regulators need to enforce directives that some businesses may not understand. It’s better to take to take a pro-active approach to safety, but some companies don’t ask for expert assistance until fines are levied or legal proceedings are about to begin. EHS Risk Management understands the regulatory environment and knows how to effectively communicate with regulators on your behalf.

For example, if an agency has fined your company, our experts may be able to negotiate a reduction. Alternatively, you may be allowed to invest in an operational plan that addresses the root cause of the incident. EHS Risk Management also supports legal counsel in third-party lawsuits and can provide expert testimony in legal proceedings. By putting our technical expertise to work for you, you can get positive results.

Regulatory Litigation Support: Clients

Companies in the following industries have benefited from our regulatory litigation support

  • One of the world’s top ten corporations in terms of gross revenue
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Construction
  • Environmental remediation

Let our experienced team provide the services that you need.

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“Jim Testo is a professional’s professional. He has provided his expertise in both transactional and enforcement matters over many years—always giving solid advice and optimal results, always within the time required.”

Seth A. Davis, Elias Group

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