Just days before Christmas, an accident at a food processing facility claimed the life of one HVAC contractor and injured another. The contractors were working near a damaged pipe that delivered ammonia, a toxic gas and commonly-used refrigerant, to the Boston-area facility. Fortunately, all of the company’s 150 employees were evacuated safely.   

When contractors are on-site, they should be aware of the hazards at your facility. If you’re in manufacturing, commercial refrigeration, or construction, you need to communicate the risks that you know exist. These include the chemicals, materials, equipment, and processes that you use. These hazards also keep changing, which is why you need to have programs in place to continuously recognize them.

Regardless of industry, smart business leaders take a proactive approach to safety. They build a culture of safety within their organizations and do more than refer to regulations. Using today’s technologies, these business leaders create comprehensive safety programs that recognize hazards continuously. Safety-related information is shared not just with employees, but with contractors as well.

“A good safety management system will continuously recognize the hazards and have programs in place to control or mitigate the associated risk.” – Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management 

EHS Risk Management can help you to build and implement a comprehensive safety management system that utilizes today’s technology so that you can recognize hazards and avoid incidents. You can also strengthen your bottom line by reducing the risk of fines, penalties, lawsuits, and higher insurance rates. By taking a proactive approach to safety, you can help everyone – including your company’s contractors – make it home safely.

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The EHS Risk Manager reduces costs and supports your organization’s performance. The EHS Portal provides a real-time process for managing and implementing your organization’s policies and procedures. To learn more, email Jim Testo at jimt@ehsriskmanagement.com

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