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EHS Risk Management Drives Business Value

As a full-service, digitally-enabled consulting company, we drive business value through EHS risk management – the process of recognizing, evaluating, mitigating, and managing environmental health and safety (EHS) risk.


The EHS Risk Manager is a functional process based on recognizing, evaluating, mitigating, and managing a company’s EHS risk.

The EHS Portal provides an efficient, real-time, cost-effective digital process for the management and implementation of a company’s EHS policies, programs, procedures and records.

The EHS Network is a unique delivery model that enables you to get the EHS services that you need when you need them. Our experts are ready to meet your specific needs.

“EHS Risk Management can help you build environmental health and safety programs that create a culture change that adds value to your business. From strategic services and corporate governance to program implementation, we provide cost-effective solutions backed by an exceptional level of experience.”

James M. Testo, President

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