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EHS Risk Management can help you build environmental health and safety programs that create a culture change that adds value to your business. From strategic services and corporate governance to program implementation, we provide cost-effective solutions backed by an exceptional level of experience. We’re not just an EHS services company. We have the product and the process that you need.

  • The EHS Risk Manager is a business value proposition that reduces costs and supports your company’s performance.
  • The EHS Portal provides a real-time process for managing and implementing your company’s policies and procedures.
  • The EHS Network is a unique delivery model that enables you to get the EHS services that you need when you need them. Instead of paying for services that you don’t want or trying to apply in-house expertise that you don’t have, you can leverage our network to meet your specific needs.

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Why Risk Management Needs to Include EHS

Risk management, the process of identifying, evaluating, managing and mitigating risks, must include environmental health and safety (EHS). To manage EHS business risk, however, business leaders need to build a safety culture. This commitment to a safe workplace is an important part of corporate social responsibility. It requires identifying and mitigating risks before they happen rather than simply meeting requirements.

Smart business leaders take a proactive approach by building a culture of safety and treating EHS as a core business function. They implement expert systems that help them to manage a full spectrum of business risks while pursuing larger company goals such as quality and productivity. Instead of a compliance program or a program that just restates the regulation, you can integrate EHS management solutions into strategic business plans.

Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches

Too many businesses take a reactive rather than a proactive approach to EHS. They see safety as overhead – something that they have to do instead of as a potential value driver. In turn, these companies fail to appreciate that there are risks of significant costs associated with non-compliance, employee injury or illness, property damage, product losses, and business interruptions.

Companies that take a reactive approach to safety focus on minimum compliance. They respond to emergencies and treat the symptom of a problem rather than addressing the root cause. As companies become more proactive in their approach, they begin to recognize and control hazards. Through planning and implementation, injury and incident rates decline. A truly proactive approach provides the greatest benefits of all.

Executing with Technology

Moving from a reactive to a proactive approach requires domain expertise backed by the right technologies. Smart safety systems use a versatile cloud-based platform to deliver real-time information in a structured, hierarchical, easy-to-find way. Businesses do not have to develop their own expensive applications or find just the right solution for their industry. For employees, safety information is conveniently available via web browsers and mobile devices instead of in outdated, printed binders that sit on dusty shelves.

Taking the Next Step

Developing the right expert system is important because managing EHS risk is about adding business value. Business leaders that take this proactive approach will improve the bottom line and strengthen corporate social responsibility. EHS Risk Management, LLC combines today’s technology with safety expertise to enable you to create a sustainable risk management solution.

Meet the EHS Risk Management Team

Let our experienced team help you with developing and implementing services such as corporate programs, environmental remediation, regulatory litigation support, construction services, and process safety management.

James M. Testo CSP, CIH (1987 – 2022)

EHS Risk Management

James M. Testo is a recognized leader in the development and implementation of corporate and facility EHS programs. He has both Industrial Hygiene and Safety professional certifications, and more than 30 years of experience leading EHS programs. For over 10 years, Mr. Testo implemented EHS programs at GE Silicones in Waterford and GE Power Systems in Schenectady, New York. During this time, he also performed consulting with GE Corporate.

Since leaving General Electric, Mr. Testo helped build and sell a business focused on the development and delivery of EHS programs and systems. As an owner and president of Greystone Risk Management, his responsibilities included managing business growth. Today, as owner and president of EHS Risk Management, Mr. Testo is an unmatched resource for clients who need managed EHS programs.

Mr. Testo’s balanced experience as a corporate EHS manager, regulator, and consultant has honed his leadership, communications, and interpersonal skills with employees and regulators. His international EHS program development, risk assessment, and chemical and semiconductor business process experience complement his successful business experience at his consulting companies.

Stephen O.  Valentine CIH

Vice President
EHS Risk Management

Mr. Valentine is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) with more than 30 years of experience in industrial hygiene and safety management. His role includes expert professional safety and health consulting services, business leadership, management and coordination of professional staff, and management of strategic projects and project deliverables.

Mr. Valentine’s experience has been diversified between corporate, management and facility/site-level safety and health services. His experience includes the development and implementation of corporate and facility-level safety and health management systems, EHS policy development, third-party EHS outsourcing services, EHS technology applications, safety and health audits and assessments, interpretation of OSHA regulations, development and implementation of safety and health training, industrial hygiene and exposure monitoring, process safety management, asbestos, lead and mold management, ergonomic assessments, and construction/hazardous waste site safety and health.

Charles J. Bocklet III

EHS Risk Management

Charles was a Member of the New York Stock Exchange for 26 years until 2009. As a Specialist, his responsibilities included creating liquid markets utilizing publicly visual quotes to ensure a fair and orderly market in stocks on the floor of the NYSE. In 1999 Charles was voted as one of 16 Floor Governors and his tenure lasted until he retired in 2009. Some of the committees in which he was involved included: Teach the Teacher Committee, setting up mock trading systems to educate teachers on the auction market process, The New Member Orientation Committee and the Member Continuing Education Committee.

Charles is currently the Managing Member of a Real Estate holding Company, 244 Herricks Development, LLC. Recently, in June of 2019, he sold Mineola Pet Venture Inc., dba Best In Show Pet Resort, which he opened in 2007. This company operated an upscale Pet business with over Three Million dollars in Gross Revenue and was the leader in its industry. Charles started this business from concept. He purchased, helped design, and oversaw the build-out the 20,000 square foot building. Charles was responsible for all aspects of managing and accounting for the Pet Resort. When the business was sold it had over 60 Employees, and an average annual growth rate of 15% with a 35% profit margin.

Dan Ireland

Chief Technology Officer 
EHS Risk Management

Dan Ireland has 30 years of experience in management and content operations working for start-ups and publicly traded companies throughout his career. Dan holds a B.S. Management Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dan worked for over 22 years at GlobalSpec, an engineering information portal where he grew the content operations group from incubation to acquisition by a large public company. He is a highly adaptable and entrepreneurial operations leader with full life-cycle business experience in business operations management, LEAN manufacturing principles, software development and engineering content management.

James M. Rush CIH, CSP

Senior Expert Consultant
EHS Risk Management

James M. Rush CIH, CSP has more than 30 years of occupational safety and health field and management experience working with New York State Department of Labor’s OSHA On-Site Consultation Program. For over 15 years, he served as its Program Manager. During his tenure, Mr. Rush directed the activities of over 30 safety and industrial hygiene consultants in nine district offices located across the state.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Rush has been a board-Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP).  He has attended well over two dozen OSHA training courses conducted by OSHA itself.  Mr. Rush has specific technical expertise with OSHA regulations and the development and implementation of safety and health management systems, including development guidance documents.  Additionally, he has extensive experience assisting employers in participating in the Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

Madeline Adams CSP

Safety and Health Professional
EHS Risk Management

Madeline Adams is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with 10 years of heavy manufacturing experience. She dedicated six years of that time to the safety profession and assumed roles with increasing levels of responsibility, up to Safety Manager. Ms. Adams’ experience includes professional safety and health consulting, business leadership, management and coordination of professional safety and health staff, and management of strategic projects and project deliverables.

Rebecca Canova

Safety and Health Consultant
EHS Risk Management

Rebecca Canova has a B.A. degree in environmental geoscience from West Virginia University. As a safety and health consultant, Rebecca works on both safety and industrial hygiene projects and is responsible for project management, safety training, development of safety programs, and site safety supervision. She has conducted safety program audits and inspections for both general industry (29 CFR 1910) and construction (29 CFR 1926). Rebecca possesses the drive, knowledge, and experience to effectively manage health and safety in general industry and construction.

Colin Stone

Safety Consultant
EHS Risk Management

Colin Stone has over ten years’ experience in construction safety and health with roles including Field Safety Officer, Safety Manager, and Environmental Health and Safety Manager. Mr. Stone has fine-tuned his knowledge of the OSHA construction safety regulations, as well as the effective implementation of safety management systems. He is a good communicator with all parties, including management, supervisors, employees, and customers.

Phil Surprise

Safety and Health Professional
EHS Risk Management

Phil Surprise is an occupational safety and health professional with over ten years of diverse experience in management, hazardous monitoring, and safety in OSHA, NFPA, construction, and general industry.  Phil was a safety officer at Schuyler Heights Fire District and an air-supplied product technician who worked with customers on their respiratory protection programs.  He understands and knows how to relate to both employees and management, and he’s worked with many companies to adapt safety programs and safety training to meet the needs of both parties.

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