EHS Risk Management creates corporate programs that build a safety culture – and business value.

Corporate programs aren’t commodities. That’s why we design and build operational programs for your company that work for your business.

Corporate Programs: Driving Business Value

Corporate programs from EHS Risk management include design and implementation. Examples include:

Corporate Programs: Clients

Clients for our corporate programs have included:

  • A global leader in diversified chemicals
  • A major producer of performance materials
  • One of the world’s largest manufacturers of hand and power tools
  • One of the world’s largest producers and distributors of batteries
  • A major college of nanoscale science and engineering
  • A provider of innovative dosage solutions for the healthcare industry
  • One of the world’s top ten corporations in terms of gross revenue.

Let our experienced team provide the services that you need.

“Before hiring Jim and EHS Risk Management, SSP, as a small company and manufacturer, had struggled for years in keeping its safety program on track and up to date.

We always felt we were not large enough to have a full time safety person, but needed someone who would help us stay focused on safety and the constantly changing regulations. Jim and EHS Risk Management filled that need at a very reasonable cost.
Jim was able to quickly give us a plan of action on how to implement a solid safety program that meets all of the OSHA regulations. He is always available

To provide guidance and answer questions.
I would recommend EHS Risk management to any company who wants to make sure that they are keeping their employees safe
While on the job.”

Sue Premo, Vice President of Finance, Specialty Silicone Products

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