EHS Portal is the information delivery process model for the risk management system.

The EHS Portal provides an efficient, real-time, cost-effective digital process for the management and implementation of a company’s EHS policies, programs, procedures and records.

The EHS Portal utilizes cloud-based collaboration applications that are secure, customizable and simple to use. EHS programs are imported, organized and customized specifically for each customer’s business operations resulting in a functioning EHS operating process.

  • Customized programs delivered with a technology driven EHS portal.
  • Designed to support the implementation and management of your programs.
  • Management services to continually monitor your program.
  • Technical consulting as needed or required
  • The EHS Portal is extendable for integrated workflow and task management
  • Enterprise-grade security with automated data backups

Collaborative Cloud-Based Software

  • Secure, customizable, simple to use
  • Organized structure with browse and search capabilities
  • Designed for easy viewing of process documentation and forms
  • User permissions control at multiple levels
  • Upload documents, files and multimedia for easy storage and retrieval
  • Highly scalable with ability to integrate with other leading apps
  • Data encryption and compliance to international software standards

Optimized EHS Performance

  • Managed by EHS Professionals/CIH, CSP, PE
  • Experts Available as Required
  • Efficient Program Implementation
  • Compliance and Best Management Practices

Improved Business Risk Profile

  • Knowledge Management/Management of Change
  • Incident Management/Workers Compensation Reduction
  • Proactive rather than Reactive
  • Brand Management

Reduced Operational Costs

  • Head Count Management
  • Utilize Existing Employees
  • Cost Avoidance/Litigation, Penalties, Settlements

Leverage Existing Technology

  • Utilizing the Cloud and Mobile Devices
  • Works with your existing technology
  • Your information. Available everywhere you are

Let our experienced team help you with developing and implementing services such as corporate programs, enviromental remediation, regulatory litegation support, construction services, and process safety management.

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