The safety and health professionals at EHS Risk Management, LLC specialize in the development and implementation, of safety and health programs.

We provide services that support many companies and organizations in their pursuit of comprehensive safety & health management systems. These services range from senior corporate management consulting to detailed site-specific program implementation.


Our overall approach is to provide expert services that allow our clients to implement comprehensive safety and health programs, which bring value to their organizations. As professionals in the field, we understand that in order to establish such a program, applications of well designed safety management processes are required. Therefore, our approach is to start with an understanding of our client’s processes and products in order to assess which elements of a Health & Safety program are necessary for their company. Then, from the assessment results, we develop management solutions and organize those solutions into comprehensive safety management processes. This approach allows us to work with our clients and construct safety systems that satisfy the elements of a complete Health & Safety Program and accomplishes each client’s business objectives.

Traditionally, safety and health consultants have provided linear services with a very task orientated approach. At EHS Risk Management, our consulting approach focuses on implementation of a comprehensive safety process.  Our methods are operationally focused and allow clients to visualize and capitalize on the business value their safety and health programs can bring.  This concept supports both the spirit of Health & Safety,  and a business management approach for the implementation of these programs.


EHS Risk Management’s highly qualified team of professionals is committed to helping our clients achieve and maintain a safe and healthy work place, and to mitigating future risk associated with their industrial hygiene and safety programs, policies and procedures. From strategic services and corporate governance to the specific elements of individual programs, we deliver solutions that add value today, and drive tomorrow’s performance.


EHS Risk Management’s professional health and safety staff includes Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSP). These professionals provide consulting services in the design and implementation of Health & Safety Services for industrial clients throughout the world.

Our health and safety services encompass consulting projects for clients as small as 10 employees to as large as Fortune 50 corporations.

Let our experienced team help you with developing and implementing services such as corporate programs, enviromental remediation, regulatory litegation support, construction services, and process safety management.

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