As a business leader, you’re responsible for performing due diligence across the enterprise. You would know it if your books didn’t balance, so why risk an OSHA inspection for which you’re unprepared? It’s better to take a proactive approach now than to pay fines or receive citations later.

Avoiding employee injuries and fatalities is the right thing to do. Good business leaders identify the risks that their employees face and work to mitigate them. No one wants to see anyone get hurt.   

EHS Risk Management can help you prepare for OSHA inspections by performing a mock inspection at your workplace. We can also help you build a comprehensive safety management system that starts with buy-in from leaders and involves managers and employees.

Don’t be surprised when an OSHA inspector arrives. As an employer, it’s up to you to avoid surprises or learn about deficiencies from regulators.

This OSHA video provides a general overview of the inspection process, and this OSHA fact sheet explains what you and your employees can expect before, during, and after the OSHA walkthrough of your workplace. 

Make sure you know what to do when OSHA arrives. Contact EHS Risk Management

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