Professional expertise and today’s technology let you manage risk and control costs.

It’s bad business to have bad things happen, and the risks you don’t manage can injure people, damage your reputation, and cost you time and money. Property losses, insurance increases, and hazardous material cleanups all come with a cost. Whether it’s lawsuits, higher workers’ compensation rates, or fines and penalties, the risks you fail to manage can make you pay.

“Smart business leaders in the construction industry understand the value of implementing a safety management system to manage risk and control costs. This type of system requires professional safety expertise combined with today’s technology.” – Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management, LLC

Professional expertise is what you need to develop a safety management system that is tailored to your construction site and that contains your safety plan and procedures for specific activities. This expertise aligns your safety plan with site-specific activities and supports the efficient implementation of your entire program. Ultimately, this safety management system leads to reduced risk and reduced costs.    

Still, expertise is only part of the solution. You need a system that uses technology to efficiently implement your customized, site-specific plan. In turn, this technology needs to drive safe behaviors while letting employees use the digital tools, such as cellphones, iPads, and laptops, that they already have. The employees get important text messages and on-line information on their portable devices, and you get greater business value.

EHS Risk Management knows that software alone won’t reduce risks to your business. Our cloud-based process, EHS Portal, leverages the power of today’s technology. It’s backed by EHS domain expertise, lets you collaborate in real time, and is fully customizable to meet your company’s needs.

The EHS Portal provides a real-time process for managing and implementing your company’s policies and procedures. The EHS Risk Manager is a business value proposition that reduces costs and supports your company’s performance. To learn more, email Jim Testo at

James M. Testo, President | EHS Risk Management, LLC

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