Whether you’re a construction company, manufacturer, or municipality, you need to provide a safe working environment. You also need a professional environmental health and safety (EHS) management system to help reduce risks and avoid unnecessary costs. By leveraging today’s technology, EHS Risk Management, LLC, can build a system that gives you access to professional services and the EHS information your organization needs in real-time.

With a professional EHS management system, you can manage and mitigate risks that come with potential costs in the form of fines, penalties, and higher workers’ compensation rates. Plus, you can realize these cost-saving benefits without adding to your headcount. Instead of hiring an in-house safety manager, your employees get a mobile EHS system that puts the information they need right at their fingertips.

“With today’s technology, you can outsource many business operations – including EHS. We can provide a solution for less than half of the cost of hiring an in-house safety manager.” – Jim Testo, EHS Risk Management, LLC 

By leveraging the power of today’s technology, EHS Risk Management, LLC can also build you a system that incorporates domain expertise. After an initial assessment, our experts will design and implement an EHS management system that’s tailored to your specific needs. Your leaders remain in control of this system, but your existing employees can operate and help maintain it.

The EHS Risk Manager App lets employees get the safety information they need on their mobile devices. It’s available both on iOS and Android. The diagram below shows how EHS Risk Management, LLC provides technology-enabled services that drive business value. 

technology business value

The EHS Risk Manager is a functional process based on recognizing, evaluating, mitigating, and managing a company’s EHS risk. This product provides safety services with a value proposition that implementing EHS-required programs and management systems with EHS Risk Management’s safety professionals is more cost-effective than customers hiring an in-house safety manager.

The EHS Portal provides an efficient, real-time, cost-effective digital process for effectively managing and implementing a company’s EHS policies, programs, procedures, training, and records. The EHS Portal utilizes cloud-based collaboration applications that are secure, customizable, and simple to use.

EHS Risk Management, LLC can help you to build and implement a comprehensive safety management system so that you can strengthen the bottom line by reducing the risk of fines, penalties, lawsuits, and higher insurance rates. By using our technology-enabled services to manage your risks, you’ll drive business value.  

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