Municipalities are responsible for more than just providing essential services and maintaining public infrastructure. They have a duty to ensure the health and safety of their employees. EHS Risk Management, LLC helps municipalities to identify, manage, and mitigate risks that can result in workplace accidents and injuries. The benefits go beyond regulatory compliance.

Preventing accidents and injuries can provide municipalities with a significant cost savings. This includes reduced workers’ compensation claims, medical expenses, property damage, and productivity losses associated with workplace incidents. Municipalities face daily risks in their operations, so it’s essential to minimize the risk of legal liabilities and financial penalties.

Plus, municipalities perform their work in public places. For example, a construction activity that is in the middle of a populated area increases risk and liability. Without proactive risk management, a third-party such as a child or other passerby could sustain an injury.   

Municipal leaders who invest in safety also enhance public trust and confidence. By working to reduce workplace incidents, these leaders become proactive rather than reactive. They help to build a culture of safety while demonstrating the municipality’s commitment not only to employee well-being, but also to its ability to provide essential services to the public.

Taking a checklist approach to safety is not enough. Neither is buying off-the-shelf software or hiring a consultant who focuses on compliance rather than risk reduction. Municipalities need to comply with health and safety regulations, but they also need to equip workers with the skills and knowledge they need to recognize and mitigate risks.

EHS Risk Management, LLC provides a safety management system that combines today’s technology with domain expertise. Through the power of cloud computing, municipal employees can get safety-related information right at their fingertips, typically on a laptop or smartphone. This information is specific to the jobsite’s risks, and the entire system is backed by safety experts.

Municipalities across New York State don’t have to wait to find out what industry already understands. The right safety management system can reduce risks, control costs, and transform a workplace culture. Safety is everybody’s responsibility, but it takes a leader to show the way. To learn how EHS Risk Management, LLC can help your municipality, contact us.

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