Artificial intelligence (AI) will change the way that organizations of all sizes manage their operations. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) is no exception, and companies that utilize AI to manage their EHS risks can reduce the likelihood of costly incidents. AI will continue to evolve and help foresee accidents, but businesses will still require the guidance of domain experts to help them identify and mitigate risks.

EHS Risk Management, LLC is a technology company that combines EHS domain expertise with a digital safety management system (SMS). We customize your SMS for your company, and your workforce can easily access safety-related information on their mobile devices. Future systems will leverage the power of AI, bolstered by the knowledge of experienced EHS professionals. In conjunction with today’s technology, you can utilize our domain expertise to manage and mitigate risks that can hurt your bottom line.   

“Artificial Intelligence will further change the way that businesses look at safety-related information and manage and mitigate risks.” – Jim Testo, President, EHS Risk Management, LLC 

The diagram below shows how EHS Risk Management, LLC provides technology-enabled services that drive business value. 

EHS Risk Manager

The EHS Risk Manager is a functional process based on recognizing, evaluating, mitigating, and managing a company’s EHS risk. This product provides safety services with a value proposition that implementing EHS-required programs and management systems with EHS Risk Management’s safety professionals is more cost-effective than customers hiring an in-house safety manager. The services and processes are delivered through a simplified approach that leverages technology and maintains a seamless connection with professional EHS consultants while utilizing the customer’s existing staff.

EHS Portal

The EHS Portal provides an efficient, real-time, cost-effective digital process for effectively managing and implementing a company’s EHS policies, programs, procedures, training, and records. The EHS Portal utilizes cloud-based collaboration applications that are secure, customizable, and simple to use. EHS programs are seamlessly imported, organized, and customized specifically for each customer’s business operations resulting in a functioning EHS operating process.

Employer & Employee Involvement

Employer involvement empowers you to maintain control as you get the information you need to make smart decisions for your business. You don’t have to be a trained safety professional to understand your EHS risks, and you can leverage the staff that you already have. Our team of experts will guide you through the necessary steps and demonstrate how to adopt a proactive rather than a reactive approach to safety.

Employee involvement ensures that employees know and understand Safety Program requirements, adhere to the Safety Program, and participate in Safety Training. Employees are responsible for following established safety procedures and for immediately reporting any unsafe work conditions, accidents, or injuries. They need to be empowered to stop work when unsafe conditions present themselves.

“The EHS Risk Manager App supports employee involvement because workers can get the safety information they need on their mobile devices. Through our partnership with ReadyKey, we’re mobilizing safety management systems.” – Jim Testo, President, EHS Risk Management, LLC 

EHS Risk Management, LLC can help you to build and implement a comprehensive safety management system so that you can recognize hazards and avoid incidents. You can also strengthen the bottom line by reducing the risk of fines, penalties, lawsuits, and higher insurance rates. By using our technology-enabled services to manage your risks, you’ll drive business value.  

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